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16 Jun, 2016
Composer and Pianist Ludovico Einaudi Performs in the Arctic Ocean
14 Jun, 2016
Munduruku and Greenpeace Demarcate Indigenous Lands in the Amazon
Restrictions apply
23 Feb, 2016
Tapajós River in the Amazon Rainforest
15 Apr, 2007
Nyaru Menteng Orang Utan Project
27 Jan, 2001
Greenpeace Action Against Ship "Explorer" in Aarhus
27 Feb, 2016
Safe Passage Demonstration on Lesbos
6 Mar, 2016
Drought in Maharashtra
29 Aug, 2014
'Mountains and Rooftops' Arctic Sanctuary Action on the Schilthorn
9 Mar, 2016
Fix Democracy Rally in Miami
15 Mar, 2016
Kagoshima Nanatsujima Mega Solar Power Plant in Japan
6 Feb, 2016
Detox Outdoor Action on Apeninnes Mountains in Italy
28 Feb, 2016
Red and Green Macaw Feathers in the Amazon Rainforest
9 Sep, 2011
Arctic Sunrise Expedition to Svalbard
4 Sep, 2009
Greenpeace Divers in the Pacific Ocean
26 Mar, 2000
Greenpeace climbers occupied Jack Bates, oil exploration rig. Cromarty Firth, Scotland, UK.
2 Mar, 2012
The Afrika Super Trawler
25 Dec, 2014
Fisher on the Poshur River in the Bangladesh Sundarbans
12 Sep, 2010
Anti Oil Protest at WEC in Montreal
23 Sep, 2010
Unplug a Nuclear Future Action in Thailand
8 Dec, 2014
Protest at the Hanbit Nuclear Power Plant in South Korea
29 Nov, 2015
COP21: Climate March in South Korea
24 Oct, 2015
Haze in Central Kalimantan
28 Feb, 2012
Messages for Nuclear Victims on Mount Fuji
30 Apr, 2012
Parrots in Brazilian Rainforest
19 Aug, 2015
Frozen Albacore Tuna on Fishing Boat in Pacific Ocean
12 May, 2013
Panax Pseudoginseng at Market in Yunnan
12 Mar, 2010
Nuclear Waste Transport Action in France
12 Jul, 2006
Forests Action at Admiralty Arch in London
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