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Collection: Climate Report 'Point of No Return'
Images from the Greenpeace report 'Point of no return: The massive climate threats we must avoid'. Government hypocrisy on major energy projects is fueling climate change and placing populations at risk. The report reveals the alarming threat posed by a planned massive global increase in emissions from coal, oil and gas projects.
The 14 carbon intensive projects highlighted in the Point of No Return report range from massive coal expansion in Australia, China, the US and Indonesia, to oil expansion in the tar sands of Canada, the Arctic and Brazil to new gas production in the Caspian Sea and the US. http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/campaigns/climate-change/impacts/Point-of-No-Return/
19 Jul, 2009
Syncrude Oil Operations in Alberta Tar Sands
16 Apr, 2012
Air Pollution in Inner Mongolia
29 Sep, 2009
Traffic moves through Smog
20 Jul, 2009
Syncrude Oil Operations in Alberta Tar Sands
18 Apr, 2012
Methane Exposure Affects Breathing
4 Nov, 2012
Qinhuangdao Coal Port in China
1 Nov, 2012
Hurricane Sandy Relief in NYC
28 Apr, 2011
Forest Creek Windfarm in Texas
Restrictions apply
6 Dec, 2010
Hellisheidi Geothermal Plant in Iceland
5 Jul, 2012
Coal Train in Australia
5 Aug, 2010
Chicheng Wind Farm in Hebei Province
5 Aug, 2012
Arctic Drilling Protest in Dutch Harbor
7 Oct, 2011
Keystone XL Pipeline Protest
7 May, 2012
Portland Rally Against Coal Exports
4 May, 2012
Nordica Icebreaker Action near Rügen
7 Jun, 2008
Truck Carrying Coal
23 Feb, 2012
Queensland Coal Development
28 Jul, 2012
Hay Point Coal Terminal
20 Oct, 2012
Caballo Coal Mine in USA
24 Jul, 2009
Coal Mine in South Kalimantan
25 Jun, 2012
Open-pit Coal Mining in Inner Mongolia
20 Jul, 2009
Syncrude Plant in Alberta Tar Sands
9 Jan, 2013
Shell's Kulluk Platform in Kiliuda Bay
2 Aug, 2007
Greenpeace Protest at Abrolhos Marine Reserve
17 Nov, 2008
Elektrownia Patnów Coal Fired Power Station in Poland
30 Oct, 2012
Hurricane Sandy Aftermath in NJ
20 Oct, 2012
Black Thunder Coal Mine in USA
14 Sep, 2012
Polar Bear in the Arctic
28 Jul, 2012
Hay Point Coal Terminal
11 Jun, 2012
Open-Cast Coal Mine in Inner Mongolia
11 Apr, 2011
Dafeng Power Station in China
20 Feb, 2011
Open Cut Coal Mine in Australia
11 Jul, 2010
Xuanwei Power Station in China
15 Sep, 2009
Forest and Mine Site
25 Jul, 2009
Coal Mine in Central Kalimantan
26 Jul, 2008
Aerial of Great Barrier Reef
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