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Collection: International Day of Forests 2013
The 21st March is the International Day of Forests. This date was agreed by the UN General Assembly so that every year there would be one day set aside to “celebrate and raise awareness” of forests.
For Greenpeace, every day is a day to celebrate forests. We campaign to protect forests because of the vast range of amazing biodiversity they support, because they capture and contain climate changing greenhouse gases, because they are home to millions of people and - last but not least - because without healthy thriving forests, planet Earth cannot sustain life.
17 Sep, 2012
Meratus Mountain in Kalimantan
28 Feb, 2012
Sungai Sembilang Park in Sumatra
10 Nov, 2009
Boys in Indonesian Forest
19 Oct, 2007
Spirit Bear in Great Bear Rainforest
30 Mar, 2012
Forest near the BR 163 Amazon Highway
14 May, 2012
Tropical Rainforest in Brazil
8 May, 2012
Monkey in Brazilian Rainforest
26 Oct, 2011
Island in Papua New Guinea
24 Oct, 2011
Bairaman River in Papua New Guinea
22 Oct, 2012
Autumn in the Beech Forest Spessart
5 Jul, 2005
Birch Forest in Vostochny Narional Reserve.
14 Mar, 2008
People on a Road in DRC Rainforest
19 Apr, 2007
Lazorskiy Reserve in Siberia
9 Nov, 2012
Coastal Rainforest in Cameroon
2 May, 2012
Toucan in Brazilian Rainforest
16 Apr, 2012
Amazon Rainforest in Brazil
17 Feb, 2006
Saimiri Monkey in Brazil
15 Mar, 2008
Tree in DRC Rainforest
11 Nov, 2009
Intact Peatland Forest in Indonesia
9 Dec, 2006
Forest Documentation in Cameroon
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