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Shoot: ‘Growing Doubt' Documentation Images in USA
26 genetically engineered crops are currently being considered for approval in the European Union. 19 out of these 26 are genetically engineered to be tolerant to herbicides. What lessons will we learn from genetically engineered herbicide tolerant crop production in Argentina and the United States?
In 2012, Greenpeace traveled through Argentina and USA to speak to farmers and their communities about how herbicide tolerant crop monocultures have affected their economy, environment and health. These first person accounts are part of the Greenpeace film, ‘Growing Doubt’, presented as part of an 18 day tour of Europe.
24 Aug, 2012
Glyphosate Resistant Weed in USA
24 Aug, 2012
Ear of Corn in USA
24 Aug, 2012
Exterior of Wendel Lutz’ Farm in USA
24 Aug, 2012
Portrait of Wendel Lutz in USA
23 Aug, 2012
Portrait of Lisa Griffith in USA
22 Aug, 2012
Portrait of Wes Shoemyer in USA
21 Aug, 2012
Richard Oswald's Farm in USA
21 Aug, 2012
Richard Oswald's Farm in USA
21 Aug, 2012
Portrait Of Richard Oswald in USA
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