Sini Saarela Returns Home to Finland
27 December, 2013 
★★★★★★ (B) 
Peter Willcox Meets His Wife at St. Petersburg Airport
14 December, 2013 
★★★★★★★ (A) 
Arctic 30 Activists in St. Petersburg
03 December, 2013 
★★★★★★★ (A) 
Colin Russell Released on Bail in St. Petersburg
29 November, 2013 
★★★★★★ (B) 
The 'Arctic 30' (twenty-eight Greenpeace International activists, as well as a freelance photographer and a freelance videographer) are transferred to Saint Petersburg. Already detained in Murmansk for almost two months the 'Arctic 30' face charges of piracy and hooliganism for a peaceful protest against Arctic oil drilling in the Pechora Sea. This shoot includes the 'Arctic 30' being released on bail, and then after more than 100 days of detention the 'Arctic 30' are granted amnesty, and return home. 
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