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Shoot: Glacier Republic - Web Video

Greenpeace Chile has declared the "República Glaciar" (Glacier Republic), the 195th country in the world.
Glaciers are our natural water reserves. They contribute to our rivers basins and regulate the temperature of our ecosystems, helping to shape the landscapes that characterise our geography. Those located in Chile represent 82% of all glaciers in South America, an enviable heritage worldwide. Unfortunately there is nothing that can protect them. Chile is one of the few countries in the world that does not consider glaciers in their legislation. Glaciers are not public goods and they don’t belong to the Chileans. Glaciers are owned by no one. This loophole leaves them in a state of absolute vulnerability and it is under these conditions that the mining industry is presented as their main threat. Glaciers will continue to be unprotected unless we use this loophole in our favour. On December 1933 the Montevideo Convention on Rights and Duties of the States was held. That day a treaty was signed establishing four criteria for a state to be declared as an independent nation. According to these criteria Greenpeace has declared the Glacier Republic.
Glacier Republic - Web Video English Text Version
18 Mar, 2014
Glacier Republic - Web Video English Text Version
Glacier Republic - Web Video Spanish Version
18 Mar, 2014
Glacier Republic - Web Video Spanish Version
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