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A Greenpeace team investigates the consequences of recent oil spills caused by oil company Rosneft in Siberia, in support of the indigenous Khanty people and their fight against the oil industry.
In July the town of Nefteugansk (Khanty-Mansi region, Siberia) was literally flooded with oil. A month later Rosneft company reports that it has cleaned up the spill, but local people claims the opposite: their gardens, fields, drinking water are still heavily polluted. The shoot includes images of Sergey Kechimov, a reindeer herder and a shaman for the local Khanty tribe, who is charged with threatening to kill oil workers for Surgutneftegaz, Russia’s third largest crude oil producer, and faces up to two years in prison.
Kechimov himself denies the allegations of threatening the oil workers. According to Yevgenia Belyakova, coordinator of the Greenpeace Arctic program who visited the site and talked to the herder, he simply wanted them to treat the land with the respect it deserves. 
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