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Shoot: Banner Action against Oil Exploration in Epirus (Video)

Greenpeace Greece activists and members of the climbing team, in collaboration with the Ioannina Climbing Club, send a message to the government and the oil companies against oil exploration and drilling in the pristine area of Epirus, Greece. The activists climbed at a rock 80 meters high above the iconic Kokkori stone bridge, on the river Voidomatis, in the area of Zagori, Epirus, Greece and opened a banner that read "No Oil - it's not an investment if it destroys Epirus". The action was also part of the global Break Free movement. The area is famous for its beautiful landscapes, its water sources and it depends highly on tourism. Oil drilling here is a threat for the local communities and the environment. We want action: we say no to fossil fuels and demand a future with clean, renewable energy. We want a future that beautiful places like this remain intact for the next generations.
Banner Action against Oil Exploration in Epirus
19 May, 2018
Banner Action against Oil Exploration in Epirus
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