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Save Pechora Committee, an NGO in Komi Republic (Northern Russia), with the help of Greenpeace Russia volunteer project #StopOilSpills, organize a race from one settlement to another, to meet with local people and encourage hope for a better future without oil spills, as part of the global movement to Break Free from fossil fuels. Oil spills kill fish and contaminate rivers. Land is being turned into a harsh desert. 8000 people in Komi are trapped in industrial zone of Lukoil. It doesn’t occur to citizens living in big cities that somewhere else people are suffering from problems such as these. Skiers traveled 25 km and met local people in 5 villages. Their main demand is to prohibit operating oil pipelines older than 20 years. The main cause of oil spills (about 90% of ruptures) is accidents at in-field oil pipelines due to corrosion. They also want Lukoil to stop barbarous industrial exploration of Komi lands. 
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