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Shoot: 'Save Our Sounds' Project at Wonderfruit Festival in Thailand (Video)

Greenpeace Southeast Asia presented Save our Sounds (SOS) project at the four-days Wonderfruit Festival, in Thailand. Wonderfruit is an international arts, music, and lifestyle festival which encourages sustainable and environmentally friendly living.

Since February 2017, Joy Collective has become involved with Greenpeace’s Save our Sounds project, which brings together Indonesian DJ Ninda Felina, professional field recordist Mark Roberts and a number of music producers to capture pristine recordings of the Papuan rainforest and integrate them into electronic music. They held a two-day design competition in Jakarta in October, tasking young creatives to come up with an original design for a Rainforest installation using the media provided by Greenpeace and JC. From that competition comes the WonderRoost, by Greenpeace and the Cendrawasih team, winners of the SOS Make-A-Thon.

The Indonesian DJ joined Greenpeace for a 10 day trek throughout the Papuan rainforest to collect, with the help of Mark Roberts, different sounds that were later mixed into her new music track 'Birds of Paradise'. DJ Ninda Felina and Ben Rosen mixed the track 'Birds of Paradise' in a music studio in Jakarta, then played by Ninda in the Rainforest Pavillion, at the Wonderfruit Festival. Ninda's track is a love song dedicated to the jungles far from Indonesia’s heavily populated cities.

The Save our Sounds project was born from a collaboration between Greenpeace Southeast Asia and BBDO Singapore. The project, and partnership, was born from a mutual desire to capture the unique sounds of pristine rainforest, found in a remote location, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The aim of the campaign is to raise public awareness of the dangers that threaten our forests.
'Save Our Sounds' Project at Wonderfruit Festival in Thailand - Clipreel
16 Dec, 2017
'Save Our Sounds' Project at Wonderfruit Festival in Thailand - Clipreel
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