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One of the most effective means of locating and catching skipjack tuna is through the use of so-called Fish Aggregation Devices (FADs), used globally by purse seine fleets to catch tuna, especially skipjack and yellowfin. FADs are floating platforms that purse seine fleets place on the ocean surface, to which tuna and other marine life are instinctively drawn. The use of FADs has two major consequences: it further increases the fishing capacity of purse seiners in a way that is difficult to control and measure, and it increases detrimental bycatch of other, non-target species, such as immature bigeye and yellowfin tuna, sharks, turtles and other fish. Based on these concerns and the urgent need to reduce the global tuna catches, especially on bigeye and yellowfin, Greenpeace is calling for a ban on the use of FADs with purse seine nets. 
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