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Shoot: Panel Discussion: Germany and its Arms Exports

Germany is the fourth largest arms exporter in the world. On paper, Germany pursues a restrictive arms export policy. In fact, however, war weapons and other armaments have repeatedly turned up in crisis and war regions in recent years. In Belarus, the military used German weapons against peaceful demonstrators; in Mexico, students were even killed with German weapons. The weapons should never have arrived there. German weapons were also made available to U.S. police departments that were conspicuous for their racially motivated killings of African-Americans.

A reform of German arms export controls seems urgently needed. What would such a reform look like? Which interests play a role in all this? In our panel discussion in cooperation with the Frankfurter Rundschau, we will explore these and other questions. Audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions after the panel discussion. The visit is free of charge.
Panel Discussion: Germany and its Arms Exports
2 Aug, 2021
Panel Discussion: Germany and its Arms Exports
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