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Shoot: Nemo's Fate in the Blender Ad

A controversial ad released by Greenpeace asks Australians face up to the precarious future of the Great Barrier Reef, likening Nemo’s home to a fish in a blender.
Multi-award winning actor Richard Roxburgh has voiced the ad in support of Greenpeace’s Save the Reef campaign. The 30 sec TV ad features a ‘Nemo’ fish circling his watery home inside a kitchen blender.
‘Nemo’ faces a grim fate if a decision is made to flick the power switch. A similarly disastrous outcome awaits the Great Barrier Reef if Queensland’s Carmichael mega mine and dredging for the related port expansion at Abbot Point is allowed to proceed.
Nemo's Fate in the Blender Ad
23 Jul, 2014
Nemo's Fate in the Blender Ad
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