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Shoot: Action in Spinach Field in the Netherlands

Greenpeace found a new way to take action against genetic engineering. Six activists sowed 2,47 acres of testing field with organic spinach seeds, hoping these spinach seeds will outgrow the genetically engineered maize that was sown just a little earlier, and thus making the field unusable. The GE maize planted on the field was meant for studies and the use of it is approved in Europe. This does not mean the maize is safe: five European countries have already banned the maize. This kind of maize produces a poison against harmful insects, but it is unknown whether this poison might have an affect on the beneficial insects as well. The Dutch Ministry of Agriculture has testing fields like this in six different locations to do research on how far the pollen spread. The great danger of these fields lies in the fact that the pollen will most definitely go beyond the borders of the field and contaminate surrounding crops. This is a big problem for both ordinary and organic farmers. Organic farmers will not be able to sell their crops at all. Greenpeace protests again genetic engineered farming because this is an unreliable technique with unpredictable consequences for humankind and the earth.
Activists Sowing Spinach Seeds in GE Fields in Lelystad
3 May, 2006
Activists Sowing Spinach Seeds in GE Fields in Lelystad
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