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Shoot: Toxic Mud Protest in Bandung (Video)

Dozens of activists from the Coalition Against Waste (KML) carry toxic sludge from the Cikijing River and place it in front of the City Hall building in Bandung, West Java, to highlight the economic loss of 11.4 trillion rupiah caused by decades of pollution from the textile industry operating in Rancaekek area in Bandung regency.
The activists, wearing protective clothing, place the toxic sludge into a watertight basin measuring 2x3 meters and write the words “Disadvantages 11 T” with it. Meanwhile several other activists hold banners reading in Indonesian "B3 Pollution Harms Us All". The toxic sludge is then put back into a temporary storage area.
Greenpeace urges the West Java government to hold an investigation on this pollution case and the 11 trillion rupiah loss.

The action was held following the launch of the report Hidden Consequences: Valuation Economic Loss Due to Industrial Pollution which reveals the total value of economic losses due to pollution in the Rancaekek region with Total Economic Valuation.
Toxic Mud Protest in Bandung - News Access
28 Apr, 2016
Toxic Mud Protest in Bandung - News Access
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