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Shoot: Illegal Hotel Demolishment Victory in Spain

Greenpeace wins appeal after Spanish Supreme Court declares the site of Hotel El Algarrobico rural land.

On February 18th the Chamber for Administrative Proceedings, Section Five of the Supreme Court, decided in favor of Greenpeace and ruled the Hotel El Algarrobico to be built on rural land under special protection. A 2012 ruling from the Supreme Court of Andalucía, Spain, ruled in favor of Greenpeace only to contradict itself on a new ruling in 2014. After a decade, Greenpeace celebrates a decision which eliminates any excuse to not demolish the hotel.

Greenpeace demands the Government in office and the Junta de Andalucía (local government of Andalucia) to start the December 6th 2011 Protocol Demolition of El Algarrobico (published on BOE nº 293) by which the Junta of Andalucía and the General State Administration committed to adopt a joint action plan, including a co-financing agreement and the development of a protocol to restore El Algarrobico beach through specific agreements.
In 2012 Greenpeace collaborated on a report with the architect firm n’Undo establishing the true cost of dismantling the hotel was 7,320,646 Euros. This is an opportunity to create around 400 jobs in the region, to recycle 98% of construction material, and to bring back the environment to its original state.
Illegal Hotel Demolishment Victory in Spain - Web Video
25 Feb, 2016
Illegal Hotel Demolishment Victory in Spain - Web Video
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