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Shoot: Forests Action at Wijma in Kampen the Netherlands

Greenpeace blocks the Dutch logger and importer Wijma in Kampen. Fourty activists occupy the site of the timber trader and hang a giant 'gorilla photo' banner on a crane. Greenpeace protests against the company for its logging operations in African ancient forests in Cameroon and demands that Wijma stops the illegal logging, the import of illegal timber through a third party and changes to sustainable forestry. Wijma must stop with the destruction of tropical rainforests in Africa. The Dutch government is an important customer of Wijma, because the company is specialised in timber for civil engineering. Greenpeace thinks this is incomprehensible and urges the government to give the good example. They have to stop the destruction of ancient forests until agreements have been made about the protection and sustainable usage of these forests. Timber must be produced in a sustainable way, so the government has to stop buying illegal timber for their projects. This week in The Hague over 180 governments are meeting to discuss the fate of the world's last remaining ancient forests.

Forests Action at Wijma in Kampen
10 Apr, 2002
Forests Action at Wijma in Kampen
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