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Greenpeace activists block the outflow pipe of BASF at the river Schelde in the Antwerp harbour. They put an iron plate on the outflow pipe causing a fontain and install a banner reading 'No time to waste'. BASF is the biggest chemical firm in Belgium and produces fertilizers, synthetics, intermediary products for synthetics, synthetic fibres and chemicals. The waste that flows through the pipe is caused by the production of synthetics and synthetic fibres. BASF is allowed to discharge about 30 millions litres of waste water through this outflow pipe daily. The waste water contains large amounts of chlorinated hydrocarbons. Yearly BASF is allowed to discharge about 40 to 60 tonnes of chlorinated hydrocarbons. They even have a permit to dump the most toxic substances, namely PCB's. These toxic substances decrease the reproduction of seals at the Wadden Sea. They have also a second outflow pipe for the discharge of the waste of fertilizers, like phosphates and cadmium. The pollution in the river Schelde is one of the causes of the pollution of the North Sea. Greenpeace urges BASF to stop the toxic dumping. 
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