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Shoot: Action against BP Northstar Oil Project in Alaska

Greenpeace activists board the industrial BP barge which is transporting the control centre of BP's Northstar offshore oil project.
Braving wind chills of minus 50 degrees F (-46C), activists towed a fiberglass dome into the construction area with Greenpeace activists locked inside, while two others made for Seal Island to display banners reading, "Stop BP's Northstar, Save the Climate". As police and security guards attempted to remove the protestors from inside the hut, Alaska State Police, North Slope Borough Police and BP security personnel came outside the security zone and tried to block all video documentation of the event.

BP Amoco's Northstar project is the spearhead for oil development in the Beaufort Sea, which will lead to a sprawl of oil rigs across the Arctic Ocean. Greenpeace, and other groups including Alaska Natives and responsible investment organisations, are opposed to new oil development in the Arctic because of the dual threats of localized pollution and global climate change. Recent studies by NASA have confirmed that in the Polar Regions, global warming has already taken a significant toll as the ice pack melts and takes with it the habitat and hunting grounds of marine mammals such as polar bears and walrus. In the past 40 years, the average thickness of the polar pack ice has decreased by 40 percent, and in the past two decades an area the size of the state of Texas has melted away.

"Greenpeace will continue to oppose Northstar until BP Amoco shifts its resources to sustainable renewable energy," said Melanie Duchin Climate Campaigner on the ice at the Greenpeace Camp Sirius, on the Arctic Ocean. "It is irresponsible to continue to develop the Northstar project when we know that we can not afford to use even a quarter of known fossil fuel reserves if we are to avoid dangerous climate change."
Action on Industrial Barge in Alaska
7 Aug, 2000
Action on Industrial Barge in Alaska
Action on Industrial Barge in Alaska
8 Aug, 2000
Action on Industrial Barge in Alaska
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