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Shoot: Climate Action One Million Low Energy Light Bulbs the Netherlands

The intention of the campaign '1 miljoen spaarlampen', which translates to English as 'One million low energy light bulbs', is to make people buy more energy efficient light bulbs. As part of the campaign Greenpeace has taken several portraits of celebrities, politicians and Greenpeace employees holding a low energy light bulb. Since the start people have reported 858,241 low energy light bulbs on www.1miljoenspaarlampen.nl and producers of low energy light bulbs have announced an increase in sales of more than two million low energy light bulbs. 'Time is ripe for a ban on energy wasting incandescent light bulbs. Minister Cramer must take action now to plead for the disappearance of energy wasting products from the shops', states Greenpeace Climate, Energy & Forests campaigner Femke Bartels. A low energy light bulb uses 80% less energy than an incandescent light bulb. If we replace all the incandescent light bulbs in Dutch houses we can save 14% on the electricity consumption of the households in the Netherlands. The Greenpeace action is part of 'Hier', an initiative of more than 40 charities who take care of the worldwide climate problem.

Portrait of Jacques Wallage with Low Energy Light Bulb
19 Jan, 2007
Portrait of Jacques Wallage with Low Energy Light Bulb

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