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Shoot: Climate Action at Christening Princess Amalia in The Hague

On the first of July 2004 the energy market will be liberalized in the Netherlands. From that moment on every consumer can choose his or her supplier for gas and light. This was already possible for green energy since 2001 and by now about 40% of the households has changed to green energy. It is very important that after the liberalization the situation stays the same, because green energy is the solution to stop dangerous and fast growing climate change. Electricity suppliers, like Essent, Nuon, Eneco and Delta, have advertised green energy for years, but unfortunately it have only been words. They still use especially dirty energy, like coal and gas, to generate electricity. This causes more CO2 emissions, which has of course major effects on climate change, like melting ice caps, bleaching of coral, forest fires and rising sea level. In the Netherlands the rise of sea level will form a serious threat. To choose for green energy the consumers can give a serious signal to the electricity suppliers. It urges them to invest in clean energy generated from sustainable sources, like sun, wind, hydropower and clean biomass. The Frogman is one of the action props Greenpeace uses to convince the consumer of the benefits of green energy for our climate. If the sea level rises we have to put on a wet suit, just like the Frogman, to snorkel our way home.

Climate action Frogman at Christening Princess Amalia in The Hague
12 Jun, 2004
Climate action Frogman at Christening Princess Amalia in The Hague
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