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Shoot: Huntly Coal-fired Power Station Action

The Greenpeace climate rescue team load coal from the Huntly Power Station's stockpile and return it to Solid Energy's Rotowaro open cast coal mine, one of the coal suppliers for Huntly. Another group of activists lay a 45-metre banner on the coal conveyor, which reads "Climate change starts here" with an arrow pointing to the coal station. Greenpeace activists also hang banners on the Huntly coal-fired power station highlighting it as one of New Zealand's biggest climate polluters. Four members of the Greenpeace climate rescue team scale the 150-metre high smoke stack and start unfurling a banner to read ‘Climate killer’. Due to safety concerns they remove the banner before it is fully deployed.

Greenpeace will launch a report called "New Zealand Energy Revolution: How to prevent climate chaos" today, which is the first extensive examination of how New Zealand can restructure its energy system to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and avoid the worst effects of climate change.
Huntly Coal Power Station Action
26 Feb, 2007
Huntly Coal Power Station Action
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